Welcome to your Default Webpage

This is the default web page for your domain with a new HostGem web hosting account.

This page is stored in the public folder of your home directory; that is the public_html or www folder in your home directory (these two directories are the same thing).

To replace this page with your own, you can use the cPanel File Manager, or your favourite FTP application (we recommend FileZilla), to access the public_html folder. Simply delete the existing index.html file and replace with your own page or website files.

Guidance on creating websites and general account management is available via the HostGem video tutorial page at  http://tutorials.hostgem.com.au.

If you are a relative newcomer to website design, we recommend WordPress. It comes free with your HostGem hosting service, and is installed using the Fantastico application installer located in your cPanel. The great features of WordPress include thousands of free themes, highly customisable website building tools (plugins), and an excellent support and discussion forum.